Project Linus Providing Security Through Blankets

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See our Local Chapter and what we are currently doing. Also see the Special Blankets Carousel Horse, Panda, Dolphin, Ballerina, Fire Engine, Giraffe and more...crocheted afghan patterns for sale.

Quick & Easy Crochet Patterns (free to download)...
 Apache Tears   Pastel Shells
 Double Puff   Ripple
 Granny Ripple    Star Shell
 Box Stitch Carriage Robe (easy!)   Easy Ripple in DC

Cluster Stitch Afghan

More Patterns, Granny Squares, V Shells


(Shrimp Stitch): After completing a row of single crochet, do not turn the work around, chain one (for working room), *insert the hook into the next stitch to the right, and yo and draw up a long loop. Yarn over by hooking the yarn down from the back, and pull through both loops on the hook,*. Proceed across the row, repeating between the *'s.



(Small Scallop): Join yarn in any corner. *Ch 2, 2 hdc in same stitch, skip 2 sc, sl st in next sc, *repeat around, slip stitch into base of beginning ch 2 stitch.(Work off ends of yarn pieces with large darning-type needle by weaving them in).

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