Free American Star Crochet Afghan Pattern from CitiUSA. Go to to view 200+ more "whimsical" afghan patterns. Copyright Janet Jarosh ~ CitiUSA 2001.

 7 oz Light Blue
12 oz Red
 4 oz White
 9 oz Navy Blue
Worsted-wt yarn, approx. 32 oz. total. (Size: 38" x 47" approx.)

 American Star Afghan


  • Size I hook (use J hook to increase the size)
  • Note 1: Important: While working on the graph portion, you will need to wind the yarn for the color sections of the afghan into different size balls. ie: For this star afghan example, you would start with 3 lg. size light blue balls, 2 small white, 2 small red.
  • Note 2: When changing colors, always drop second color. TRY NOT to carry dropped color across to next section of same color. Use a separate ball of yarn for each color section. (Sometimes it is easier to just carry the color across for a short distance, ie: graphs with lettering, etc).
  • Note 3: As you begin, mark the "front" side of the afghan with a yarn piece. Always try to move the ball of yarn to the "back" side as you finish with it and go to the next color to keep it from getting too tangled.
CENTER (Start)
Row 1: With background color, ch 65, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn (64).
Row 2-16: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
[Changing Colors]: To change colors in sc (pull new color through onto hook before sc is complete) ie: Begin sc as usual by putting hook into st, draw up loop, then pull in new color before completing the stitch). As you drop a color and change to another, pull the ball of dropped color to the "back" before you continue on.
Rows 17-88: (Graph Section) Ch 1, sc in each st across changing colors according to graph, turn. Fasten off all colors at end of last row.
Row 89: Join background color with sc in first st, sc in each st across, turn.
Rows 90-104: Repeat row 2. DO NOT turn or fasten off at end of row 104 as you will continue with this color for Rnd 1 of Outer Edging.
Rnd 1: Working around outer edge, ch 6, dc in same st. *(ch 1, skip next row, dc in end of next row) across to next corner st., ch 1, (dc, ch 3, dc) in next st, ch 1, skip next st, dc in next st) across to next corner st, ch 1*, (dc, ch 3, dc) in next st; repeat between **, join with sl st in 3rd ch of ch-6, fasten off.
Rnd 2: Join contrasting color (from pallet used within the afghan) with sc in any corner ch-3 sp, (ch 3, sc) in same sp, sc in each st and in each ch-1 sp around with (sc, ch 3, sc) in each corner ch-3 sp, join with sl st in 1st sc, TURN.
Rnd 3-10: *Sc in first st and in each sc to corner ch 3 sp (sc, ch 3, sc), continue around*, join with sl st, TURN. Fasten off at end of last row.
Rnd 11: Join background color with sl st in any corner ch-3 sp, (ch 6, dc) in same sp, ch 1, *(skip next st, dc in next ch-1 sp, ch 1) across to next corner ch-3 sp*, [(dc, ch 3, dc) in next sp; repeat between **]; repeat between [] around, join, DO NOT turn.
Rnd 12-21: With background color, repeat rnds 2-11, turning at the end of each row.
Rnd 22 thru size desired: Repeat rnd 2. Fasten off at end of last rnd.
EDGING: *Ch 3, 2 dc in same stitch, skip 2 sc, sl st in next sc, *repeat around, slip stitch into base of beg ch 3 st
(Work off ends of yarn pieces with large darning-type needle by doing a few whip stitches to weave them in).

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